Property Management

Earn More From Your Property

In order to earn more from your property, you need an attentive, responsive, and hardworking property management team working for you.

Let Your Income Be Truly Passive

At CMS we handle every aspect of property management from collecting rent from tenants to making appearances and respond to letters.

What We Do As Your Property Management Company

We Place and Retain Tenants

We want you to have the highest return on your investment property. We work hard to place and retain tenants who pay their rent on time and who will care for your property. We are responsive and communicate with tenants to ensure that they enjoy renting your property for many years to come.

We Represent You Locally!

Did You Know Nevada Revised Statutes 118A.260 requires landlords to have an emergency contact within 60 miles of a leased property? This can pose an issue for out-of-state owner investment properties. Let us be your local contact! We’ll handle correspondences and appearances so that you remain compliant with Nevada law.

We Collect Rent and Payments for You

Managing a rental property requires rent and leasing fees to be collected, but it also requires inspection fees to be paid. Our Southern Nevada property management company will handle all transactions for you and ensure that your money is deposited promptly at the begining of each month.


Emergency Contact for Leasing

Nevada Revised Statutes 118A.260 requires landlords to provide an emergency contact within 60 miles of a leased property. CMS is local and can respond to tenants when needed.


We Screen and Place Tenants

A vacant property won’t generate revenue but with CMS on the job, you can rest easy knowing that we’re always working to line up the right tenants for your property.


We Coordinate Evictions

Evicting a tenant can be a headache, but our team makes it easy by managing the entire process from drafting and delivering notices to handling all correspondences with the justice court.

Your Property Management Needs In One Place

Handle Emergency Contact for Owners

According to Nevada Revised Statutes 118A.260 a landlord is required to have an emergency contact within 60 miles of the leased property. Our team will be available 24/7 even in an emergency.

Coordinating Evictions

The eviction process is one that should be handled carefully, and in a timely manner in order to prevent errors, which may cause your case to be mistakenly dismissed. Our team can handle filing with the court and hire the constable to post the notices. 

Move In/Move Out Inspections

In order to ensure that your property is always in top condition before a new tenant moves in, our team will be available and present during all move in and move out inspections.

Tenant Placement

Need to fill a vacancy? Our team of Las Vegas real estate agents can find the right candidates and place them in your property so that you never worry about vacancies.

Written Response & Physical Appearances

As your contracted property management company, we can represent you in both written correspondence and physical appearances before governing entities that maintain an authority over your property.

Home Warranty Coordination

Do you need to have inspection and repairs completed on your property? Our local team will coordinate inspections and repairs related to home warranties.

Inspection Fees

When you contract with CMS your property inspections will be scheduled and completed in a timely manner.

List and Sell Your Property

It is the perfect time to invest in Southern Nevada real estate, let us find the perfect home for your family, or the perfect investment property and when you are ready to sell or upgrade your investment, we can help you negotiate the best strategy throughout the transactions, and find you the best tenants for your rentals.

Call CMS to plan your Southern Nevada future now!

Earn more from truly passive income from your property by hiring CMS and utilizing our full property management system today!

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